Community Support: How We Work With Non-Profits

How can you help grow awareness of your own business while helping some amazing non-profit charities in your community?

As a small business, Houndstooth prides itself to be one of the many who help non-profit charities in our community. Helping out can be as easy as reaching out and asking them what we could do, but we decided we wanted to help those who were most in need. Here are our small stories and tips on

how it is that easy to work in growing your business by helping those who need it most.

Charlotte's Freedom Farm

A goat looking at the camera
Charlottes helps every animal, even goats

Charlotte's Freedom Farm is a small hobby farm in Comber, Ontario. They specialize in rescuing animals from the farm industry that had health problems or were orphaned. In the summer of 2020, the barn they housed many of these animals caught fire and burned down. Many of the rescues

lost their lives and, the charity was in jeopardy of closing because they didn’t have the funds to rebuild the barn they lost. As an apparel printing company, you might be thinking, what can we do to help a charity that helps animals?

  • We reached out to the Charlottes, and they gave us a design they had already made, and we printed it on some high-quality tote bags.

  • In partnership with Charlottes, we sold the tote bags, with all of the proceeds going directly to help Charlottes recover and rebuild from the fire.

  • We used our social media to push the word out and got such a fantastic response, all of this done from limited marketing and word-of-mouth on social media.

Tote bags with custom images on them
Our limited edition tote bags to help Charlottes

Every little bit helps when it comes to non-profits. All of the money we raised went straight to their Gofundme page, which is closing in on the goal of $30,000. We got many new eyes on our tote bags, which helped get more clicks on our website. You can’t put a price on grassroots marketing, and we will never turn down the opportunity to help others. If it helps out Houndstooth as well, that is just a bonus. Create your tote bag with our high-quality materials here, and you can learn more about Charlotte's Freedom Farm right here.

Trans Wellness Ontario

Trans Wellness Ontario is another amazing non-profit we wanted to support. They are based out of Windsor, Ontario, and offer help and support to Transgender, Genderqueer, Two-Spirit, Non-Binary, Queer and Questioning communities. At Houndstooth, we believe every human being deserves to be respected and treated fairly. We love the work that Trans Wellness does for the local community.

Trans Wellness Ontario's rainbow logo
Trans Wellness Ontario's Logo is about spreading love and support to all humans

It was in February 2021 that the office building of Trans Wellness Ontario was vandalized. Offensive symbols and vulgar language were written on their building, windows were shattered, and Trans Wellness needed help to clean it all up. We want to spread the love at Houndstooth, and after hearing all of this, we reached out to Trans Wellness and asked what we could do.

A shirt with a heart design on it
One of many limited edition designs to support TWO
  • We wanted to help raise funds to support the clean-up, so we put together a design line.

  • Trans Wellness loved our designs but wanted to give the community options, so we offered various items to print on, and any of the profit went directly to them.

  • The Gofundme page set-up raised over $14,000 to help remove the writing and replace the broken windows.

  • Our designs then become limited edition items, that shows off you supported Trans Wellness in their time of need.

We used our social channels and Trans Wellness Ontario’s to get eyes on all of the products that would benefit the non-profit. We love that our work can be used for such good causes, and we want people to continue to associate Houndstooth with making the world a better place. Please check them out here if you want to learn more about Trans Wellness Ontario or the work that they do.

In both of these stories, we had an action plan that came together to support those causes and reach entirely new audiences that we might not have thought about before. With each new non-profit we work with, this gives us a new target, and we can flex our creative muscles to make designs specific to

that community. We love to support local businesses, and working together is beneficial to all parties involved. You can expect us to work with more non-profits in the future and, keep an eye out for future designs because, more than likely, they are limited-time offers (we like to make exclusive designs for these fantastic partners, so don’t miss out).

If you are interested in partnering with us or would like us to design some unique new looks for you, please shop our designs here or reach out to us with our custom order form here.


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